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Three Courses starting in September

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Zümi intelligent car

Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Zümi intelligent car

4-week course
We will unfold the somewhat mysterious side of AI with a course based upon the following steps:
• Zumi and some historical facts about AI
• Study of a KNN classifier and apply the algorithm to help the Zumi car navigate
• Study of a Haarcascade classifier and do object recognition on a video stream
• Use AI to solve some navigation problems with Zumi

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Internet of Things (IoT) with Sensors and LoraWAN

Internet of Things (IoT) with Sensors and LoraWAN

4-week course
•programming and flashing a microcontroller
•connecting a microcontroller to The Things Network
•sensing and recording temperature from the microcontroller
•sending and displaying the temperature data on The Things Network.

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Python Programming

Python Programming

4-week course
The course focuses, among other things, on the following main elements in the increasing level of difficulty:
• basic: types and data structures
• computation: functions and algorithms
• programming style: libraries, modules, and problem solving.

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About ConsultStreet
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Almost Everything is Possible With Home Assistant

Home Assistant is free and open-source home automation software designed to be the central home automation control system for smart home technology. Both the Home Assistant "core" application itself and its software extensions are written in Python. Its main focus is on local control and privacy.

We have ready to start kits, compatible sensors, and devices to build your Smart Home. You can easily learn with us. We offer 1:1 or 1:2 sessions with instructors, workshops, and classroom courses.

Trainings & Workshops

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Free Introduction MeetUp
Free Introduction MeetUp

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4-week Classroom Courses
4-week Classroom Courses

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Intensive Day Courses
Intensive Day Courses

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Special Workshops
Special Workshops

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Tell us about your needs and interests and we provide a custom-made workshop for you. Minimum 4 students needed.


What our customers are saying about us after completing one (or many) of our courses.

"You guys are legendary! Awesome course space, a lot of interesting tools and hardware. You guys are having amazing online support & service. Thank you!"

Elisa H.
Elisa H. Python Course

"I am a software developer but I had no experience with IoT, sensors or electronics. It was like black magic for me. I am so happy that I've found your tecmakerspace.
See you next time!"

Gert P.
Gert P. Internet of Things with LoRaWAN

"Great course experience. Friendly, nice, and handsome teacher. I've learned a lot and it was fun!"

Julia C.
Julia C. AI course with Zumi self-driving car