020tecmakerhub is a DIY club for supporting DIY Raspberry Pi, Arduino, computer and electronics enthusiasts. A place to discover and learn new things to add your own magical touch to the world. We look forward to welcoming you.

We are located at Cruquiuskade 89 in Amsterdam. Easily accessible by bus 22 from Central Station or tram line 10 stop Height Kadijk or 1e Coehoornstraat. By car close to the IJ and Piet Hein tunnels, parking on the street, or in Qpark Cruquiuskade.


Join us now and you can come and work with us at one of the 12 programming workstations or 8 soldering/programming workstations, use the huge stock of grabbing electronic components, and/or play with our Raspberry Pi and Arduino collection. Or take advantage of our extensive library of courses. And you can also bring up to 24 (paid) guests per reservation who are not members (students 1 guest).

With us you can use the parts we make available for free, store them in a locker for a small amount per week and if you want to take them home you pay for what you have used. This way you can experiment freely and only pay for what you really need.

We have memberships for the following target groups:

  • Teenagers 12-18 years (only book Wednesday afternoon and Saturday and Sunday and with the permission of parent (s) / guardian (s)) – € 0.50 per month
  • Students – € 1.00 per month
  • Individuals or Self-employed persons – € 3.00 per month
  • Companies – € 12.00 per month

Membership requires payment in advance for one year, identification, a passport photo, and permission from parent (s) / guardian (s) under the age of 18.


We have 20 workplaces that you must reserve in advance for a half day (09.30-13.00 or 13.30-17.30 and in the future also 18.00-22.00), Monday to Sunday.

Pupils, students, and freelancers/individuals can book 1 month in advance. Companies up to 2 months in advance.

We have 12 programming workstations where you can work with Raspberry Pis and Arduinos to make your idea a reality. In a drawer in the workplace, you will find all the tools you need.

Via WiFi and the Lora gateway with 20 Lora connections (will be delivered at the end of June) you can let your Raspberry / Arduino communicate with each other and the outside world.

Programming places are € 3.00 per person per half-day for students and € 6.00 per person per half-day for non-students. Converted, this is only € 260 per month for non-students based on a 40-hour working week.

And if you are a really hardcore geek, you can solder components from the grab stock onto a printed circuit board to realize your idea at one of our 8 soldering/programming workstations.

Soldering/programming workstations are € 4.50 per person per half-day for students and € 9.00 per person per half-day for non-students. Converted, this is only € 390 per month for non-students based on a 40-hour working week.

Tools and measuring equipment

If you have reserved a workplace, you are free to use the tools and measuring equipment that we make available.

If you want to use it at a different location, you can borrow it from us by depositing a deposit and paying a rental amount.

Do-it-yourself software installations on your laptop / PC

Installing new software or properly securing your laptop / PC with a firewall, antivirus program, etc. is not always obvious. Try it yourself first and otherwise use our support for a fee. We will help you on your way or give you a push if you get stuck somewhere.

Reading table

On the reading table, you can find an extensive collection of magazines related to technology and the Internet of Things. Including Wired, Circuit cellar, Elektor, Magic Pi, Cloud Works, B&C (bits & chips) and PC Active, and much more. You can also borrow books from our library.


You can also follow courses with us that consist of one or more half-days. Think of an introductory course in Raspberry Pi or Arduino, an introductory course on Windows 10 IoT, and introductory courses for electronics basics and soldering.

Read more about the individual courses on the Courses page.

The price of a course per half-day is generally the same as reserving a workplace for a half-day, and hardware may be added to this.


If you want to share or sell your creations, products, or old tools to fellow members, post them on our marketplace (end of June).


Eat your lunch in our kitchen and pack as much water and tea as you want. We can provide catering for companies.