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“Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Zümi intelligent car” 1-day course

Python, OpenCV & Zümi in small group of 4-9 students
learn about how artificial intelligence (AI) works, by training Zümi, a friendly, self-driving car kit that makes really easy to learn about artificial intelligence (AI). 

Zumi is the first educational self-driving car kit that teaches artificial intelligence (AI) to everyone, from beginner programmers to robot enthusiasts.

When does it start?

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How long does it take?

1-day course 10:00 - 17:00
+ take-away hardware included in the course (get the development kit with microPython board and sensors)
+ cold and hot beverages and lunch included

What is on the course?

Learn by playing: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Mapping and Navigation, Basic Robotics, Machine Vision, Self-driving Decision-making and coding

Always included in our courses:
Online support using Microsoft Teams to contact us or to interact with other students when you are solving the problem (during the course we can chat, use voice or video call including screen sharing and working together on the Python code) 

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