Classroom study in small groups (4-10 people) and working together with us in Microsoft Teams group for online support with MS Open Course Material for study at home.

*Classroom meetings in Amsterdam, two bus stop from Amsterdam Central Station

Why to learn with us?

The biggest problem of people who start online courses is that 90% of them don’t finish it. Very often they drop the study in the first few weeks. Sometimes they get stuck, sometimes bored or they just don’t understand. We would like to support these people during those moments, to give them motivation and to connect study with a bit of fun – to make learning more efficient and faster.

Why learn IoT and programming?

Python language is easy to learn and supported by a large and helpful community. The syntax is clean and simple, attracting a greater range of programmers. The language is often the first choice for IoT developers, finance analytics, social scientists and biologists.

Three courses:

    • Course 1: Learn programming with Python for Beginners
    • Course 2: Programming in Python & Internet of Things
    • Course 3: New Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Starters with Zümi

How to start?

1. Please read our course brochure.

It’s free and you can download it in the PDF format directly from this link: 

Course Catalogue Winter 2020
2. You can directly register here for a course or come first for a free introduction (step3):
Course Registration Form

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3. Come to a FREE introduction (please register because we have limited spots):

If you would like to meet us, see our space and watch how we work we have an introduction meeting

You can register here: 

Registration for a free introduction – Meeting in Amsterdam (you can find the form below)

Just fill the form below and come for a FREE introduction meeting when you will get more information about how we can teach you programming and/or Internet of Things.

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