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“Internet of Things (IoT)” in 4 weeks

microPython, Sensors and LoraWAN in small group of 4-9 students
learn how to start with your own IoT development. learn how to use microPython and different sensors. Read data and send them through LoraWAN to the cloud.

Including LoPy4 with microPython board and all needed sensors and hardware.

When does it start?

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How long does it take?

Once per week classroom meetings
+ online study at home
Classroom meetings: 2,5h
Study at home: 1-2 hours
Course duration: 4 weeks

What is on the course?

Start with microPython and LoPy4 development board. Learn how to connect sensors to the microcontroller boards, read and send the data to the Cloud.

Always included in our courses:
Online support using Microsoft Teams to contact us or to interact with other students when you are solving the problem (during the course we can chat, use voice or video call including screen sharing and working together on the Python code) 

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