Free Python Introduction appointment

Dear SenseMakers Members!

On 14th November we are going to start Python course for beginners. That is an online course plus weekly classroom meeting for 6 weeks. We start from the basics and then we go deeper, so no programming knowledge is required. The biggest problem of people who start online courses is that 90% of them don’t finish it. Very often they drop the study in the first few weeks. Sometimes they get stuck, sometimes bored or they just don’t understand. We would like to support these people during those moments, to give them a motivation and to connect study with a bit of fun – to make learning more efficient and faster.

Python language is easy to learn and supported by a large and helpful community. The syntax is clean and simple, attracting a greater range of programmers. The language is often the first choice for IoT developers, finance analytics, social scientists and biologists

We have a free, short Python introduction this Friday, 10th November at 17:45 at our location – Cruquiuskade 89-91 in Amsterdam. The Python study what we are promoting is free, open course from Microsoft. Although 6 weeks workshop’s meeting for explanation, discussions and Quiz games or catering are not free. We are charging small amount of money to take a part in a full experience, we offer support where students can send question and get answer or help with solving the problem, we provide drinks and sandwiches, so people can come directly after work and study without feeling hungry. For all members of Internet-of-Things SenseMakers group -20% discount from the course price.

Geen velden gevonden.