Why to learn with us?

The biggest problem of people who start online courses is that 90% of them don’t finish it. Very often they drop the study in the first few weeks. Sometimes they get stuck, sometimes bored or they just don’t understand. We would like to support these people during those moments, to give them a motivation and to connect study with a bit of fun – to make learning more efficient and faster.

Why to learn IoT and programming?

Python language is easy to learn and supported by a large and helpful community. The syntax is clean and simple, attracting a greater range of programmers. The language is often the first choice for IoT developers, finance analytics, social scientists and biologists.

How to learn programming and Internet of Things?

We are looking in to the present and in to the future and we are sure that Internet of Things and programming can help you in your life. That’s why we are going to start soon our two courses:


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Every week:

  • 2-3h study at home with online course
  • 2,5h of classroom study with our instructor and a group
  • Game Quiz to check your knowledge
  • Online Support via Slack – we will not leave you alone, we can help even if you are study at home!
  • Course materials
  • Bread and Drinks before the course – we don’t want you hungry during the study!

Easy to Learn

The Python online course is prepared and approved by Microsoft, and it's made learning easier through experienced and professionals teachers. Materials contain text, videos and exercises.


We have one fixed day in a week when we meet. Usually that is 18:30, so there is enough time to finish your school, job or hobby and come to us. For the online part of the course - you choose when you'd like to study. Morning, afternoon or evening... is all up to You.

Never hungry or thirsty

We don't want you to be hungry or thirsty during study, that's why we provide tasty sandwiches, cold and hot drinks before every meeting. The door is open always 30 min. before course starts, so there is a time to eat and have a small rest.


We want you to feel comfortable in our TecMaker space, we have good air condition, hi-speed Wi-Fi and nice atmosphere. Specially for You to feel almost like at home.


We have special messenger where you can contact directly your instructor or other members of the group. You keep access to Teams also after the course, forever as long you are our member.


We provide you all course materials, homework exercises, online course and software (or hardware if needed) for your course. Only what you need is yourself and a bit of time to study.